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What does this mean for this site?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

[Ramble]: Some people just can't accept it...

There are always going to be those in life who, no matter how hard you try, will be steadfast, remaining resolute in their opinion that certain things shouldn't be done for example.

I'll start this off with a bit of an FYI: I do not have any family or personal connection myself with any company in this article - with that said, yes I quite like NZ Bus, that's what happens when they were your public transport provider for over a decade. The same can be said for people like Alex Ellis, who are quite fond of Mana/Newlands. I have no issues with people preferring one company over another in this situation.

There is however, one thing I don't like. Consistent bagging of one company for no real reason other than "it's my way or the highway" type of attitude.

And that is what I see in one of my Facebook groups, albeit from only a few people.
I will make it clear that I am a member of the (apparently rather well known, and not always for good reasons) group "Metlink: Not coming your way". I used to bag Tranzurban, for their failures such as their anti-union stance, and hearing from drivers what it's like working there. With that said, I'm well aware that NZ Bus have issues too and frankly, no company in the industry is "good" anymore. That's just the state of the industry unfortunately - Low wages, split shifts, challenging job, hours and hours away from family etc.

Simply put, I've stopped bagging the living hell out of TU, because in my honest opinion, they've improved. Not perfect but definitely better in my mind. Unfortunately, their recent string of cancellations haven't put the most positive spotlight onto them, with one day even outcancelling NZ Bus!

With that said, there are some people in this group that seem to hold the opinion not only that the only way to fix the network is to revert, but that anything TU post on Facebook is useless and has no point.

Examples: Tranzurban often post a photo of their chosen #stopoftheweek, which I have no problem with. Some however say "who cares?". To that I would like to remind them that they can post what they want, and that their approach is different to that of NZ Bus (Social media? What's that?)

I actually commented saying that at least Tranzurban had a facebook page and I had to give them marks for that. Two key people responded - One saying that NZ Bus doesn't do that, just get in and get the job done, and another said all that matters is the bus turns up and on time.

My response was simple:
1. Having a facebook page or not, there is no right or wrong - simply different ways in which they operate.
2. Social media can have an effect on whether their bus arrives or not, considering that TU advertises their vacancies on their as well as their website. Vacancies cause buses not to turn up, so if you advertise for them, like on social media, people could see them, apply, or forward them to people who might be interested in the roles.

Most recent uproar was when TU posted about their first year into the job, with cake and catering.
That set people OFF LIKE MAD, saying things like:

"F%$%n arrogant a**holes." "We have to wonder if they get cake everytime they cancel a service"
"As with their "where are we today", who cares! Obviously not driving if eating cake"

These types of comments are starting to get to me, and I'm not far from blowing my top at them and telling them to stop acting like three year olds when it doesn't go their way. I have no problem with TU celebrating their first year operating in Wellington. Sure, it didn't go smoothly, but they survived, so why not celebrate their first anniversary? Just because NZ Bus doesn't do it that way, doesn't make it wrong or inappropriate...
These people, one of whom is an admin, seems to have a vendetta against Tranzurban, which will only be resolved once they are removed and NZ Bus operate all their old services. These kind of people really make me wonder sometimes, as to why they can't just let it go.

I know that a lot, if not all NZ Bus drivers have nothing against drivers at Tranzurban - one telling me that they're all in the same boat trying to provide for their families etc. I could imagine the same could be said about NZ Bus drivers from those at TU.

Better wrap this up, but I would like to remind all of you that no, I will not be leaving the group, as there are more sensible, kind, head-planted-on-shoulders type people that make it worth being in the group. Like with all groups, there's always going to be those who just seem to rark up others...