Tuesday, July 16, 2019

[Ramble]: Some people just can't accept it...

There are always going to be those in life who, no matter how hard you try, will be steadfast, remaining resolute in their opinion that certain things shouldn't be done for example.

I'll start this off with a bit of an FYI: I do not have any family or personal connection myself with any company in this article - with that said, yes I quite like NZ Bus, that's what happens when they were your public transport provider for over a decade. The same can be said for people like Alex Ellis, who are quite fond of Mana/Newlands. I have no issues with people preferring one company over another in this situation.

There is however, one thing I don't like. Consistent bagging of one company for no real reason other than "it's my way or the highway" type of attitude.

And that is what I see in one of my Facebook groups, albeit from only a few people.