Information Regarding Site Future

Hi Everyone,
As most have clearly noticed, this blog is pretty much dead. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to run my Facebook page, Instagram as well as doing the other things nowadays.
What does this mean for this site?

Well, the site will continue to run, but the majority of the activity will be through OMSI downloads, under the OMSI 2 Tab on the menu

Will anything else happen in regards to posting?

Not that I have planned, No. This site might see a few things here and there, but not like it used to.

This isn't an official ending of the site; just an explained hibernation of most parts.

Thanks for your understanding!


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Seven Weeks In » The Bus Network In Wellington.

No surprise that it is still broken... Buses disappearing from RTI displays, buses late, cancelled etc.

I went around Wellington on Sunday and I think the only bus on time was the number 3 from it's starting point at Tirangi Rd!

After reading an opinion piece from Dave Armstrong on stuff titled:
"Dave Armstrong: My free plan for better Wellington buses"

I went to the comments, as I usually do, to see what people think.

Some were supportive of Dave's idea of not paying for any bus later than 10 minutes, whilst some were not.

Obviously Dave's idea is not to go at the drivers, rather at the council, as i'm pretty sure that all the farebox revenue goes straight to GWRC at the end of the day.

One comment stuck out for me:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Metlink Route 1 Timelapse - Wellington (Hutt Rd) » Johnsonville » BCI Citirider

I was able to film part of my journey to Johnsonville. Hope you enjoy this ride on a Tranzurban BCI Citirider! Music: Apperture by Unison [NCS Release]

Friday, August 10, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Site Update: 09/08/2018

I've removed the two images in honour of  Go Wellington and Valley Flyer, since it's been over one month since contract change in Wellington, and more than two in the Hutt.

I've also added, above the searchbar on the right, a little list, that I will populate, with upcoming events, such as livestreams, bus and train spotting, and other things that may be of interest to people.