Information Regarding Site Future

Hi Everyone,
As most have clearly noticed, this blog is pretty much dead. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to run my Facebook page, Instagram as well as doing the other things nowadays.
What does this mean for this site?

Well, the site will continue to run, but the majority of the activity will be through OMSI downloads, under the OMSI 2 Tab on the menu

Will anything else happen in regards to posting?

Not that I have planned, No. This site might see a few things here and there, but not like it used to.

This isn't an official ending of the site; just an explained hibernation of most parts.

Thanks for your understanding!


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bus Spotting In Wellington Region: Friday 27th July

I've wanted to get some pictures of the wellington bus scene after contract change for a while now, and according to the weather people, friday is the best day to do so.

Also wanted to ride a Double Decker bus as well :)