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Hi Everyone,
As most have clearly noticed, this blog is pretty much dead. Unfortunately I don't have as much time to run my Facebook page, Instagram as well as doing the other things nowadays.
What does this mean for this site?

Well, the site will continue to run, but the majority of the activity will be through OMSI downloads, under the OMSI 2 Tab on the menu

Will anything else happen in regards to posting?

Not that I have planned, No. This site might see a few things here and there, but not like it used to.

This isn't an official ending of the site; just an explained hibernation of most parts.

Thanks for your understanding!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Friday 15th June 2018 - The day I go and photograph and ride the crap out of the Valley Flyer fleet.

[UPDATE TO THE UPDATE - 18/06/2018]: I just went down to visit the Wainuiomata Bus Depot, Expecting to see lime green blue and yellow buses. What I saw was locked gates protecting what was left of the Wainuiomata Valley Flyer fleet. I will take my camera down on Wednesday and photograph as many buses as possible!

Another update: I saw a valley flyer bus leaving Wainuiomata so I could be too late as they might all be gone by tomorrow... We'll have to wait and see...
Yup, No buses left :( Although there was a bit of a purple rag, reminiscent of the purple buses that once were.

[UPDATE]: Lower Hutt Pictures have been posted. Ran out of time tonight to post the ones from Upper Hutt:

Two days before contract change, i'll be riding as many buses as I can. I don't care where they take me, as long as I can get back home eventually! I had sent an email to NZ Bus regarding the possibility of photographing some of the buses at either my local depot in Wainuiomata or at the main depot in Waterloo. Unfortunately they seem to be as ingorant as KiwiRail, as my first email was sent on the 15 of May, I received an "Auto Email Acknowledgement" stating the following:
Thank you for contacting us at NZ Bus. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be in contact with you shortly.
It should have read:
Thank you for contacting us at NZ Bus. No Customer Service Representatives will be in contact with you, so you might as well stop waiting for a response.
After giving them reasonable time to provide even a simple yes or no, I sent them another email "requesting" that they reply to my first email, saying:
Due to the limited time available until the changeover of providers take place, and taking into the consideration the length of time you have had to respond to my previous email, I request that a response to my original request be sent as soon as possible.

This was two days ago. Yes, I know, it's probably too close to the deadline for this to happen, but even a simple yes we can or no we're too busy and H&S etc etc, would have sufficed. I absolutely hate hearing nothing from companies I have emailed in good faith, expressing an interest in their operations. Because to be honest, having someone interested in buses is surely a good thing, considering your business is to operate them? You could inspire the next bus drivers by doing this!

But I bet my email, if not read yet, has gone straight to the trash, probably just looked at the title and thought, yeah nah:

So I'll photograph what I can, where I can (and maybe record if there is a bus driver I know who's ok with it (Only issue might be logos and company stuff though)).

So keep an eye on my Flickr page to see what I find!

Oh, and here's a countdown to the death of the purple and orange