Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Friday 15th June 2018 - The day I go and photograph and ride the crap out of the Valley Flyer fleet.

[UPDATE TO THE UPDATE - 18/06/2018]: I just went down to visit the Wainuiomata Bus Depot, Expecting to see lime green blue and yellow buses. What I saw was locked gates protecting what was left of the Wainuiomata Valley Flyer fleet. I will take my camera down on Wednesday and photograph as many buses as possible!

Another update: I saw a valley flyer bus leaving Wainuiomata so I could be too late as they might all be gone by tomorrow... We'll have to wait and see...
Yup, No buses left :( Although there was a bit of a purple rag, reminiscent of the purple buses that once were.

[UPDATE]: Lower Hutt Pictures have been posted. Ran out of time tonight to post the ones from Upper Hutt: