Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hutt Workshops from the fence - 15/07/2017

[EDIT]: Looks like someone from KiwRail either saw me on CCTV (HI!!!!) or saw these photos and decided to put up a fence on the bridge. They'll probably claim Health & Safety and that "it's private land" or "that's trespassing, you could die". Being completely honest here and with all due respect to KiwiRail, but the unions probably wouldn't let jack shit run on that rail. The last time the gracefield line operated was in 2002 and sure, since then it's probably been used to store a few things whilst some stuff was taken out of the workshops, but other than that, it's run down and the only H&S risk to people is rust :D

After finishing up filming trains (Just EMU units really, don't know when the freight comes), I decided on-route back home to stop and check out KiwiRail's Hutt Workshops.

So these are some of the images taken on a quiet Sunday evening, behind the fence of course!

Note: I didn't plan to visit here after filming. If I had I would have brought my actual camera, rather than the action cam I use to film trains.

What I would do just to hop in a Ganz one last time and appreciate the front view, and hop in a DC just to hear that 12-645 engine... obviously it would have to be legal, I don't really want to have to deal with the courts :)