Wednesday, March 4, 2020

This has been sitting on my hard drive as a project since the end of last year so yeah... I was lazy 😂

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Metlink Rte. 83 timelapse | Courtenay Pl » Eastbourne | NZ Bus #1475

Time to show off some stuff I've been working on:

Not much to see here, other than a few repaints:
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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

[Ramble]: Some people just can't accept it...

There are always going to be those in life who, no matter how hard you try, will be steadfast, remaining resolute in their opinion that certain things shouldn't be done for example.

I'll start this off with a bit of an FYI: I do not have any family or personal connection myself with any company in this article - with that said, yes I quite like NZ Bus, that's what happens when they were your public transport provider for over a decade. The same can be said for people like Alex Ellis, who are quite fond of Mana/Newlands. I have no issues with people preferring one company over another in this situation.

There is however, one thing I don't like. Consistent bagging of one company for no real reason other than "it's my way or the highway" type of attitude.

And that is what I see in one of my Facebook groups, albeit from only a few people.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sick of the problems, or sick of hearing about them...

Please note that this is only my opinion, and is not one that reflects any person or company.

58 Cancelled buses... On a Sunday... Dave Armstrong...

The Stuff article in question, which can be viewed here, was posted on a Facebook Group I am part of, regarding Wellington buses. The conversation about it consisted of some people who were rather tired of hearing about the failures of the bus network. And rightly so; the amount of media attention this has had since it's creation is large, and the media, with people like Dave Armstrong with Stuff, or on wellington.scoop.

This is where I come in, with my opinions and all, so brace yourselves!

One person was rather miffed that Tranzurban were being beaten by the media based on one single day, of what I call "Failure".

If we were to read this article knowing nothing about what Commuters have had to put up with over the last nearly 12 Months, we would be wondering as to what all the fuss is about.

But the problem is that we didn't have our blinders on, like the GWRC did and still does.

We were affected first hand, like the drivers, by this new network and it's rollout.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Regional Council says it would do little differently if it could roll out Wellington's new bus network again

DomPost article Titled:

"Regional Council says it would do little differently if it could roll out Wellington's new bus network again"

This will be short and brief.The GWRC has, as people have pointed out, proven themselves incompetent with regards to the handling of this fiasco and fuck-up.

Having Councillors responsible for the transport system NOT SHOWING UP TO MEETINGS because it was too "toxic" is inexcusable. Having the nerve to blame an operator as the main reason why the network is failing, rather than themselves, is ridiculous.

To then go on and say that if they were able to wind back the clock and start again, that they would change very little, shows the traveling public and the residents in the Greater Wellington area, that this regional council gives exactly ZERO fucks about the people who rely on public transport to get to and from work, home, school and other places. These people are the ones with the power to vote these ignorant shits out of council come local govt election time next year.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tramways Union News: Wellington bus drivers vote to strike!

::News from the Tramways Union Wellington Branch::

Hundreds of Wellington region bus drivers have voted for an ongoing strike at any and all of the region’s public transport bus companies that have not settled a collective employment agreement by October 23.

Drivers also raised a unanimous vote of no confidence in the Greater Wellington Regional Council, and called for a commissioner to take over the region’s public transport.

Tramways Union Secretary Kevin O’Sullivan says the strike is a matter of last resort. “We have been trying to get Tranzit to negotiate for months and still have no offer from them or any indication they are taking the bargaining seriously. This is why we have now had to set a deadline.

“Meanwhile the GWRC has been telling us everything is fine and refusing to hold their contractors to account for their lack of good faith. It’s become clear that the Council has no intention of fixing the industrial dispute or the public transport system. They need to have it taken away from them before they make matters worse.

“There is no way that Wellington’s bus system can be fixed without a fair deal for drivers. Until this is settled the driver shortage will continue, the industrial action will continue, and drivers will continue to have no reason to even try to make this broken system work.

“We don’t want to make life harder for Wellington commuters, the council has already done enough of that, but if we don’t take a stand things are only going to get worse for everyone. I think the people of Wellington understand that which is why our members have had so much support.”

Companies facing industrial action are: Tranzurban Wellington and Hutt (Tranzit), Uzabus, and NZ Bus.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Livestream Announcement! OMSI 2 » 22/09/2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Need I Say More?